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We understand that preparing for college can be overwhelming and challenging at times. The best way to select a college and pursue a college education is to be well-informed and prepared for the decisions you are making. The following links may help you in your research.

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Britta Christine Hill

Elementary Education

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Going to college was a big step for me because I had never been away from my family for more than a week. All of my best friends went to the same university, close to home, and all joined the same sorority. In the beginning, I was so afraid that I would be so far from home (Kansas to Illinois) and not know anyone. It was difficult for me to take the opposite path that all my friends were taking. But I cannot explain how happy I am. I cannot imagine myself at any other University or in any other sorority. I am still so close to my friends from home, but school has also become my home now, and my friends from school are just as important to me. I feel so more

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Ask a Sorority Woman


How do you know if sorority life is really for you?


The best way to know if sorority life is right for you is to go through recruitment. This is a time that really helps you learn about each of the chapters and find what's the best fit for you. Even if you think you're just a little bit interested, I would definitely try it out. I know girls who went through recruitment on a whim and now couldn't imagine their college experience any other way. And if you decide in the end that it's not for you, that's totally fine too. It's not something that's for everyone, but at least you tried it out and you know for sure.

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