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Alexandria Neilan

Women’s Studies

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Like me, the majority of students at my school are commuters. This presents a problem when trying to get involved on campus. I didn’t enjoy school the first year and a half because I struggled with trying to meet new people. I wanted to do something, but didn’t want to join just any club. In the spring of my sophomore year, I decided to participate in recruitment. When I met my sorority sisters, I sensed they would be the family I needed and could help me excel in ways I thought I never could. Sorority life has taught me to be a stronger person and to not let certain circumstances decide where my life more

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Ask a Sorority Woman


How do you know if sorority life is really for you?


The best way to know if sorority life is right for you is to go through recruitment. This is a time that really helps you learn about each of the chapters and find what's the best fit for you. Even if you think you're just a little bit interested, I would definitely try it out. I know girls who went through recruitment on a whim and now couldn't imagine their college experience any other way. And if you decide in the end that it's not for you, that's totally fine too. It's not something that's for everyone, but at least you tried it out and you know for sure.

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