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Recruitment 101

Sorority recruitment is a great experience!

So you’re interested in participating in sorority recruitment. That’s great! Keep in mind, the recruitment process varies by campus. Here’s a general overview of what to expect and how to prepare. 

Check with the fraternity and sorority life office at your university to make sure you know how to register for recruitment. There might be a deadline, and most of the time you’ll have to pay some sort of fee.
Recruitment Counselors
You will be assigned to a recruitment group with a recruitment counselor. Some campuses might call their recruitment counselors “Rho Gammas” or something similar, but recruitment counselors have the same job no matter what the title. Your recruitment counselor is like your guide to recruitment—she can answer any questions you  have about the process, and she is also there to listen to how you feel about each chapter. Recruitment counselors disaffiliate from their chapters prior to and during recruitment, so you shouldn’t know what chapter your recruitment counselor is in. This makes her an unbiased resource for you. She is specially trained in guiding potential new members through the recruitment process.
Recruitment Rounds
The recruitment process includes a number of rounds, and each round includes a number of events. Rounds are identified by the theme of the round, i.e. philanthropy, and by the number of events for the round, i.e. six-event round. Each chapter you visit during a round is an event. After each day of recruitment, you will meet with your recruitment counselor to decide how you liked the chapters. You will narrow down the list of chapters you are interested in at the end of each day.
Each round of recruitment has fewer events, and with each round, individual events get longer. For example, at the first round, you may have 45 minutes at each chapter, and during philanthropy round, you may have an hour. The final round of recruitment is preference. This is the longest time period you have with the chapters going into your final selections. On a typical campus,  you will attend two or three events during preference.
Bid Day
Bid Day is the final day of the recruitment process! There are several scenarios that can take place on Bid Day:
  • You receive a bid from your top choice chapter. 
  • You receive a bid from one of the chapters listed on your MRABA. 
  • You do not receive a bid. 
  • You receive a phone call offering you a snap bid. 
Obviously, not all of these options are ideal. However, keep an open mind. You may not think that a chapter is the best fit, but you may find that it is your home away from home. 

What's It Like?

"A sorority is both fun and business. We like to go out, but at the same time, we know there are things that need to get done and we find a balance between the two."

Junior, Edinboro University

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