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Sorority Membership & Developing Social Skills

Friday, May 01, 2009

05-01-2009.jpgWhen you are getting ready to participate in sorority recruitment on your campus as a potential new member (candidate for membership) or attend a social or philanthropic event hosted by the chapter you have joined as a new member, there are some important tips to keep in mind that will guide you through the process.
If you receive a personal invitation to a recruitment or social event, be sure to follow up on the information provided to you:

  • Do you need to officially respond that you will be attending?  
  • Is there a cost?
  • What is the appropriate attire?  
  • What time does the event begin and end?  
  • Are you familiar with the venue on campus?
When you arrive at the event:
  • If you are provided with a nametag, make sure you put it on the right-hand side.
  • During recruitment events, potential new members may be welcomed by a member of the sorority you are visiting. Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself.  
  • Be comfortable with face-to-face conversations as well as asking and answering questions. Remember: this is a chance to get to know members in the organization. You may come in contact with several people. Make sure you can put a name with a face.  
  • Do your homework and come prepared to ask questions!
Recruitment and philanthropic events are wonderful opportunities to meet lots of sorority women on your campus. They could be future sisters, classmates or friends. Have fun and make the most of it.  
Joining a sorority provides a member with a chance to experience lots of possibilities:
  • Meeting women who have diverse backgrounds
  • Participating as a committee member and developing common goals within the group
  • Serving as an officer and learning new skills (planning projects, training, delegating and public speaking)
  • Living in the sorority house and working together to build a harmonious relationship
  • Building lifelong friendships

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