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Leadership Through Service to Others

Thursday, April 01, 2010

04-01-2010_01.jpgMany women who join sororities already have experience with community service and philanthropy through their high school or through groups like the National Honor Society, 4-H or Girl Scouts. Membership in a sorority is a great way to continue your service to the community.
Every National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sorority supports at least one inter/national philanthropy or community service project. As a member of an NPC sorority, you will have the opportunity to participate in activities to raise awareness about your sorority's inter/national philanthropy and to raise funds to contribute to that philanthropy.  
Each chapter has a community service or philanthropy coordinator and committee -- this is a great opportunity for sororities to lead through service to others.  
Your chapter will host activities to support its philanthropy, such as a penny drive, 5K race or 24-hour dance contest. The chapter may also work concessions at football or basketball games on campus to earn money to put toward the philanthropy.  
04-01-2010_02.jpgChapters also coordinate community service opportunities for their members. You might adopt a grandparent at a local retirement home, volunteer at a food bank, wrap presents during the holiday season at the local mall or participate in efforts to clean up a local park. Additionally, individual members can share causes close to their hearts with the chapter. For example, some women organize race teams for local runs/walks with a cause they believe in.
Whatever your community service and philanthropy interests are, you can find a way as a member of a sorority to continue this work and spread your passion to other women.

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