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Thursday, October 01, 2009

10-01-2009.jpgAdjusting to college life can be challenging--especially managing a class schedule and balancing other activities. It's easy to become overwhelmed and sometimes is a struggle to stay on top of more rigorous coursework. Sorority membership can help college women maintain high academic standards. Balanced membership programs offered by each chapter and the College Panhellenic provide focused education and information on academic skills, study tips and time management.

Sorority women take academics seriously, and all National Panhellenic Conference member groups expect every woman to strive to fulfill her academic potential. Many chapters require members to maintain a minimum GPA in order to participate in social events or hold office. Members who struggle or fall below the required grade point average often are offered additional study programs to improve academic performance. In this way, chapter members encourage one another to be the best students they can be. Additionally, the Panhellenic network on a campus provides a great support system in which students can grow and develop intellectually. Study groups, designated work rooms in a chapter facility or library, and mentoring programs within chapters all help college women reach their full academic potential.

Most chapters have an alumnae advisor who focuses on the scholastic success of each member. Many groups also have a faculty advisor who works closely with the chapter and provides a positive influence on the intellectual growth of the members. This involvement, along with the mentorship of alumnae and older chapter members, provides a support system to help women thrive.

All the hard work of these college women does not go unnoticed. Many campuses, individual chapters and NPC organizations reward academic performance through awards, scholarships or other forms of recognition. Each initiative--scholarship programs, mentoring and acknowledgement--helps develop the intellectual potential of sorority women.

NPC celebrates the Month of the Scholar each October, so look for programs and events on your campus or on the campuses you're considering.

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